Biohacker Expo

Revitalize your life from the inside out

Crack the code of longevity and healthspan and connect with people like you who are challenging the status quo.

Feb 23-25, 2024
Miami Airport Convention Center
711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126

Have you experienced a remarkable recovery or faced a challenge that inspired you to turn your life around? I invite you to share your superhero origin story with the Biohacker Expo community!

Three years ago, I had a sudden and extreme decline in cognition that was matched with profound fatigue. It took me 5 months and a series of misdiagnoses to uncover the culprit, and without the truth, conventional medicine would have said I suffered from an autoimmune disorder. Without a steadfast belief I could find the root cause and the will to question my doctors, I wouldn’t have detoxed, recovered, or launched this event.

Please join me in creating an empowering atmosphere that fosters connection, motivation, and the courage to redefine what's possible. Your story could be the catalyst that inspires someone else to embark on their own path to self-discovery and unleash their hidden superpowers.

I'm creating a Playlist of Personal Transformation. So, if you have a story to tell, post it to YouTube and send it to me so that we can show people what recovery and healing look like!

Send your video to

All the best,
Sandy Martin, Founder @BiohackerExpo