Biohacker Expo

Revitalize your life from the inside out.

Feb 23-25, 2024
Miami Airport Convention Center
711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126

I'm Sandy Martin, Founder of Biohacker Expo, and I've been biohacking for 3 years to heal a brain injury caused by mold.

I've been running comic cons for 15 years, and there's a documentary about me on Amazon Prime called Surviving Supercon. We had over 50,000 attendees at Supercon. Events on that scale are intense, and I teetered on total burnout from the intensity of those events.

I believe health optimization should BE accessible to everyone. Too many cutting-edge treatments are hiding in plain sight. They're also costly, so it's important to try them out for yourself before you invest.

I spent $97,000 in one year to heal that brain injury. In hindsight, I could have healed at a tiny fraction if I knew then what I know now. My symptoms started with fatigue and brain fog, and then I felt depressed. I knew it was something deeper, so I kept researching until I figured out mold had gotten into my brain. I wouldn't have checked if Dave Asprey hadn't shared his story with mold. My doctors didn't consider it.

I've learned a lot, but I'm not a real expert myself. I tried a lot of diets, supplements, and devices to restore my brain, and a lot of it didn't work. That's why I'm bringing over 100 solutions from more than 60 world-renowned experts to Miami to share what they know with you.

I want you to feel empowered to trust your intuition about your own well-being. Try things out for yourself. Biohacking is all about personalization and the freedom to explore.

We all have stress. We all struggle to sleep. But we don't have to suffer. Sign Up Today!

Requested Exchange: $45 for One Day or $95 for 3 Days. If for any reason, this is too much for you, please reach out to me to work something out. I don't want anyone to miss out because of money.

With Love and Gratitude,
Sandy Martin, Founder @BiohackerExpo

On a personal note, gongs have been my #1 biohack, and if you live in South Florida, I hope you'll check out my teachers at Divine Wave Sound and the sessions they hold in town.

 You can find me personally on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.