Biohacker Expo


Get hands-on experience with groundbreaking biohacking techniques and tools while networking with experts who are cracking the code of longevity and wellbeing.

Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2025

Miami Airport Convention Center
711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126

Biohacker Expo Returns Feb 28th & Mar 1st, 2025
Miami Airport Convention Center

Exhibit Floor Layout & Stage Placement



Title Sponsor is Neobiosis

Biohacker Expo 2025 presents Dr. Ian White, PhD, CEO of Neobiosis as the Title Sponsor and Keynote Speaker. Our agenda will feature the following: Curing Aging, The Promise of Regenerative Medicine, Therapies “On The Cusp” of Approval, Psychedelics, An End to Suffering, and More!

Audience Breakdown Based on Prior Attendance:

  • 30% Practitioners
  • 20% Biohackers
  • 50% Biohacking Curious

Attendee Ticket Prices:

Conference Passes for Attendees will start at $395 for a 2-Day pass and VIPs will get exclusive access to the Pure Wave Lounge, a VIP Lounge, and a cocktail party with Speakers on Friday night for $795.

We will offer discounts for advanced purchases.

Lead Capture. We are offering a lead-capture solution so that you can scan badges at the event to follow-up with people later. 

Expo Hall Open for 2 Days on Friday & Saturday. You'll have plenty of time to capture the attention of our attendees from the Expo floor. We strongly encourage product demos, sampling, and lead capture. 

Friday Feb 28: 9am to 6pm
Saturday Mar 1: 9am to 6pm

Speaking Opportunities: This event is highly curated to provide a vision for our healthy future on the main stage. Product-Oriented talks will be scheduled on the Education Stage for a maximum of 25 minutes.

What Does a Booth Come With? Booths come with pipe and drape, one 6' skirted table, and one chair. Carpet is not provided or required.

What Can You Do With Your Booth? No structures over 12' tall. Beyond that, Anything legal.

Are There Exclusivities in Place? We will not grant exclusivities on vendor space.

Main Stage will seat 500 people

Education/Demo Stage will seat 100 and is designed for exhibitors to present their products and services to an engaged and inquisitive audience.


All booths will have a 10x10 footprint.

Premiere 10x10 Corner Booth $3,495

Standard 10x10 Corner Booth $2,495

Standard 10x10 Inline Booth $1,995

Extra Badges:

Premiere Booths come with 4 Exhibitor Passes per booth.

Standard Booths come with 2 Exhibitor Passes per booth.

All badges must be registered in advance.

Exhibitor Passes grant access to all events and stages at Biohacker Expo. Extra 2-Day passes can be purchased by you for your staff and your clients for $195 each.


Pre-order Box Lunches to be delivered to your booth. Choose from wraps (Chicken, Tuna, Mediterranean Vegan) and chips or fruit plus a bottle of water. Order for two days for $75 (includes tip). Delivery will take place between 12pm and 1pm on Friday & Saturday. 

The hotel bar serves a full menu, and a cafe near the hotel lobby will serve sandwiches.

Load-In & Load-Out:

We are contracting the services of Vista to assist with setup, receiving, and shipping. An exhibitor kit will be made available by November 15th, 2025.

You can load in at 2pm on Thursday Feb 27th and load out after 6pm on Saturday March 1st. 

Any exhibitor breaking down early will not be able to return to any of our future events. Be respectful of the other exhibitors and stick to the designated hours.


We have a larger room block this year, and the reservation link will be emailed with the confirmation of your booth order.

Cancelation Policy:

If you need to cancel your booth for any reason:

Before October 1st, 90% Refund
Before December 1st, 75% Refund
Before January 31st, 50% Refund
Before February 1st, 25% Refund
After Feb 15th, 0% Refund


Every 10 amps is $100


1 Mbps up/down Wi-Fi Connections available for $75 each. Please order as many as you will need for devices in your booth.

Electricity and Wi-Fi are fully refundable until Feb 15th.



Questions? Contact Sandy Martin