Ben Azadi

Ben Azadi

Meet Ben Azadi at Biohacker Expo Feb 23-25, 2024 in Miami.

Prepare for an epic encounter with the extraordinary Ben Azadi, founder of Keto Kamp and author of the groundbreaking book, Keto Flex! On a mission to help 1 billion people embrace healthier lives, Ben has triumphed over the SAD Diet and emerged as a ketosis and fasting champion.

Like a cross between Doctor Strange and Batman, 'The Health Detective,' as Ben Azadi is known, brings his vision to Biohacker Expo, sharing the secrets of the four pillars needed to master metabolic health. Witness the power of ketosis, intermittent fasting, and ancient healing strategies as Ben decodes the mysteries of cellular health, fat burning, and inflammation control.

So, whether you're stuck in a low-level routine or ready to join an elite guild of health champions, Ben Azadi and Keto Kamp offer the ultimate experience, complete with cutting-edge ketogenic knowledge and a commitment to making health education an epic adventure you won't want to miss.

Join us at Biohacker Expo for an unforgettable experience with Keto Podcast of the Year (2022) winner and keynote speaker Ben Azadi. Get ready to unlock your inner superhero and elevate your health to new heights Feb 23-25, 2024 @BiohackerExpo in Miami.

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