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Carlos Bertonatti

Carlos Bertonatti

Carlos Bertonatti is the ultimate biohacker - an extreme sports athlete since youth who became obsessed with health and optimization. As an avid surfer, skier and Argentinian ski team competitor, Carlos immersed himself in nutrition, fitness and performance. Extremely well-read and experienced from testing countless protocols on himself, Carlos saves people time, money and disappointment by evaluating true efficacy. Today he works with celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, doctors and fellow renowned biohackers, structuring customized programs for specific needs and goals. Carlos believes quality living stems from education rather than pills. He chooses to advise new clients to stay grounded, but expects their commitment to change.

Carlos firmly believes that "not every answer or solution lies in taking a pill." While he often engages with advanced groups and highly sensitive cases, he occasionally takes on new individuals to stay connected with the broader audience. For those fortunate enough to work with Carlos, be prepared for true change. He is a master at delivering results and making sense of the complexities of optimization in personal lives.

However, engaging with Carlos requires commitment and engagement. He generously gives his time to guide individuals through the optimization journey, expecting active participation and a readiness to learn. If you catch his attention, bring your A-game and embrace the opportunity for transformation under his guidance.


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