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Christopher Davis, MD

Christopher Davis, MD

Dr. Christopher Davis, MD, a distinguished triple board-certified integrative interventional cardiologist, is at the forefront of health and wellness, specializing in Nutrient IV Therapy. With a mission to empower individuals in taking control of their health, Dr. Davis advocates for simple lifestyle changes often overlooked by traditional medicine. His belief is grounded in the idea that our bodies possess the innate ability to heal themselves when provided with the right nutrition.

A Duke University graduate, Dr. Davis furthered his medical education at Eastern Virginia Medical School. His extensive training includes an internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins University-Sinai Hospital, where he later served as Chief Medical Resident. Dr. Davis went on to complete a 4-year general cardiology fellowship and an additional 1-year interventional cardiology fellowship at the University of Virginia. His diverse expertise also spans Functional and Age Management Medicine.

As the founder of Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute and Reveal Vitality, Dr. Davis integrates nutrition education, hormone balance, and precision health and wellness using genetic testing. He serves as the Medical Director at Hippocrates Health Institute and is the Chief Medical Officer of Liquivida®, a leading IV nutrient therapy corporation. Dr. Davis has developed systematic wellness programs that debunk common health misconceptions, providing foundational education for achieving optimal health.


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