Kelly Donahue

Kelly Donahue
Kelly Donahue, PhD, is a dynamic force in the world of mind-body health, bringing over a decade of rich experience as a clinical health psychologist, coach, researcher, author, consultant, and speaker. Her personal journey from being a recovering perfectionist to a wellness advocate deeply informs her approach to helping others. Specializing in overcoming stress, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and pain, Kelly empowers men and women to move beyond overwhelm to a state of health and balance.

Throughout her rigorous academic journey, including graduate school, internship, and post-doctoral training, Kelly conducted extensive research and worked closely with clients suffering from stress-related illnesses. This experience led to a crucial realization: psychological understanding is vital, but real transformation requires applying this knowledge consistently in everyday life. Her mantra, 'INSIGHT + ACTION = CHANGE', encapsulates this philosophy.

Kelly's personal struggles with mom guilt, overwhelm, and chronic pain - a result of neglecting self-care and working in unfulfilling job conditions - propelled her to become her own client. By revising her thought patterns and adopting mind-body self-care strategies, she not only healed her body but also rewired her nervous system, emerging stronger and healthier than ever.

Determined to share her insights and help others achieve optimal health, Kelly reduced her desk job hours to focus more on client work, speaking engagements, consulting, and writing. She founded The Modern Psychologists, an online learning and support platform, to extend her reach beyond individual client interactions. Her book, 'Everyday Self-Care: Your Proven, Holistic Guide to Feeling Better Now', initially a client handout, evolved into a comprehensive self-care guide. Kelly is also a sought-after speaker in community groups, women’s circles, and corporate wellness programs, advocating self-care and lifestyle medicine for healing stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.

Kelly Donahue's journey and work embody her commitment to guiding others towards a life of reduced anxiety, holistic healing, and ultimate wellness, making her a true beacon in the field of mind-body health.
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