It's Time To Feel Better, Don't You Think?

Biohacker Expo

February 23-25 at the Miami Airport Convention Center

✓ Dive into 100+ Healthy Solutions
✓ Question 60+ World-Class Speakers like William Shatner & Gary Brecka
✓ Dip Into Consciousness-Expanding Sessions
✓ Explore This Robust Community

Gary Brecka

Friday Feb 23rd at 3:45pm:
Unlock the Secret to Living a Longer, Fuller Life

Your genetic code does more than just determine the color of your eyes and hair. It also determines how your body processes certain nutrients, produces and uses energy, and how your body will react to certain foods.

Jonathan Fields

Saturday Feb 24 10:15am
From Death's Door to Beacon of Hope with Dr. Jonathan Fields

Explore the Dark Side of Conventional Medicine as Dr. Jonathan Fields reveals his journey to death's door and back. With a triumph over critical illness using an alternative approach, he's a beacon of hope to his patients on a mission to end suffering.

Ben Azadi, Host of The KetoKamp Podcast

Saturday Feb 24 11am
Reverse Disease Using the 4 Pillars of Health

Embark on a transformative journey with Ben Azadi and explore the mysteries of ketosis, fasting, and ancient healing practices. Ben reveals his four fundamental pillars of health designed to revolutionize weight loss, energy restoration, and achieve metabolic freedom.

Christopher Palmer, MD

Saturday Feb 24 12:30pm
Brain Energy: A Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health

Drawing on decades of research, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Christopher Palmer outlines a revolutionary new understanding that for the first time unites our existing knowledge about mental illness within a single framework: mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain.

Jonathan Mendoza aka "Nurse Doza"

Saturday Feb 24 1:30pm
How to Detox the Liver for a Vibrant and Energetic Body

Nurse Doza explores effective strategies for liver detoxification to promote a vibrant and energetic body. He delves into the importance of a healthy liver for overall well-being, and offers practical tips for lifestyle and dietary changes that aid in liver cleansing. Attendees will learn about natural detox methods and how they contribute to increased energy levels and improved health.

Rudolph Eberwein, MD

Saturday Feb 24 2pm
Iron: Friend or Foe?

Iron rusts everything, and rust never sleeps. How managing this essential life-giving element is one of the main biohacking strategies in our modern world for longevity and cellular health.

Christian Drapeau

Saturday Feb 24 2:45pm
Harnessing Stem Cells for Peak Health, Longevity, and Superior Performance

Discover how how stem cells constitute the body's innate repair system and the remarkable ways we can tap into this regenerative power. Learn from Drapeau's expertise about harnessing your own stem cells to regain and maintain optimal health, enhance longevity, and achieve superior physical and cognitive performance.

Christopher Davis, MD

Saturday Feb 24 3:30pm
Heart of Vitality: Conquering Environmental Toxins for Cardiac Health

Embark on a vital journey with renowned cardiologist Dr. Christopher Davis, as Sam Tejeda interviews him to reveal the hidden impact of environmental toxins on our heart health and overall vitality. In this enlightening talk, Dr. Davis will explore the often-overlooked connection between environmental factors and cardiovascular wellness, offering insights into how these toxins affect our heart's function and our vital life force.

Miesha Tate

Saturday Feb 24 4:00pm
The Art of Supplementation: Tailoring Nutrients for Individual Needs

Ben Azadi hosts a discussion to uncover the truth about supplements with esteemed panelists Miesha Tate, Jonathan Mendoza, and Caroline Alan. This discussion will demystify the vast array of available options and provide guidance on choosing supplements based on individual health profiles and goals.

Sarah Turner

Sunday Feb 25 12:00pm
Mitochondrial Magic: Powering Up Your Body's Energy Factories

Uncover the secrets of the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. Learn how to boost mitochondrial function for increased energy and better health. Panelists include Sarah Turner, Monisha Bhanote, and Robert Lufkin, MD

Latt Mansor

Sunday Feb 25 2:15pm
Ketone Bodies – From Your Trendy Diet Friend to the Disease Fighting Hero

Dr Latt Mansor explores the transformative role of exogenous ketones, moving beyond their popular use in diets to their potential in medical breakthroughs. He'll delve into cutting-edge research on how ketones can combat diseases like colorectal cancer, improve conditions like sleep apnea, and offer new hope for heart failure patients.

Catharine Arnston

Sunday Feb 25 2:30pm
Discover Why Algae is the Secret to Longevity and Effortless Health

The science documenting algae’s ability to protect our longevity and mitochondria is stunning, provocative and plentiful. But it has never been shared with the public. In this one-hour lecture I share decades of scientific research that make it abundantly clear why algae is the most powerful and effortless biohack that protects your mitochondria, longevity and health.