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Biohacker Enclave Annual Membership

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$297.50 $595.00 -50% OFF

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  • Access to Biohacker Expo Feb 28 - Mar 1 in Miami or via Live Stream is included with membership.
  • Live Roundtable Q&A's with Biohacking CEOs, Health Coaches, and Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Online Courses with Bestselling Authors: Dr. Christopher Palmer, MD, Robert Lufkin, MD, Ben Azadi, Dan Metcalfe, and more!
  • Discounts on biohacking products and services from innovative companies.
  • Biohacker Expo Speaker Recordings

Biohacker Expo Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2025

Biohacker Expo
Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2025

Biohacker Expo Feb 28 - Mar 1 is an exclusive perk for members of the Biohacker Enclave.

Join the Biohacker Enclave, and we'll save your seat in Miami or via Live Stream.

Upcoming Roundtable Q&As

We'll pull participants on screen to ask questions, and you can clip up to 60 seconds to share with others!

Eastern Time

  • 4pm July 23: Amitay Eshel, CEO Young Goose
  • 4pm Aug 20: Ron Beauford, CEO Intelligent Threads
  • 4pm Sept 24: Pending
  • 4pm Oct 22: Jason Gould, CEO Got Mold
More announcements coming soon!

Kicking Off Speaker Announcements!

Expecting 40+ Speakers

  • Mark Divine, author of Uncommon, creator of SEALFIT, host of The Mark Divine Show
  • Ben Azadi, author of Keto Flex, host of the Metabolic Freedom podcast
  • Dr. Ian White, PhD, CEO of Neobiosis
  • Dr. Jonathan Fields, DOAM & Functional Medicine Practitioner, CR8 Health, NeuPath Mind Wellness
  • Sandy Martin, Founder @BiohackerExpo
More coming soon!

100+ Experiences

Biohacker Enclave

Take Your Seat at the Table NOW!



Christopher Palmer, MD

Author, Brain Energy

"I had the pleasure of attending the Biohacker Expo organized by Sandy Martin, and it was nothing short of outstanding. The event was impeccably organized, featuring a roster of amazing thought leaders who shared their wisdom and insights as well as vendors displaying the latest technologies and products to enhance and optimize human health.What truly made this event special was Sandy. She was generous and supportive of everyone involved—from participants to speakers and staff. Her professionalism and warmth created an unforgettable experience for all involved. Thank you, Sandy!"

Sarah Turner, PhD

Founder, CeraThrive

"As the CEO of CeraThrive LLC, it was a privilege to attend the Biohacking Expo in Miami 2024. The event was an excellent opportunity to educate on the connection between red light therapy and the gut-brain axis, an area at the core of our work and the development of the CERA System."

"I extend my heartfelt thanks to Sandy Martin for organizing such a remarkable event, which brought together key players and thought leaders from the biohacking and longevity industries. The Expo enabled me to forge valuable connections, engage in meaningful dialogues, and explore cutting-edge advancements. I look forward to incorporating these insights into our neurotech initiatives at CeraThrive and am already looking forward to next year's event."

Ben Azadi

Author, Keto Flex

"It was an honor to speak at the BioHacker Expo. Sandy brought the best speakers in the biohacking space, and incredible vendors. I loved the intimate touch of being able to connect with my audience in person during my book signings. The connections and friendships I made from this event are invaluable!"

Judy Seeger, ND

Creator, @judyseegernd

"Having spent three decades as a seasoned Naturopath, I've graced countless conferences, but none quite like the Biohacker Expo. It was an absolutely extraordinary experience! The vendors were strategically positioned, creating a seamless flow that invited effortless engagement. The central location of the main speakers room exuded energy, while the serene ambiance of the quiet rooms provided a perfect retreat. From the seamless registration process to the moment of attendance, this expo was meticulously planned, surpassing all expectations. Kudos to Sandy for orchestrating such a phenomenal event!"

More About Me, Sandy Martin

I launched Biohacker Expo to guide people towards an end to suffering after I healed a brain injury caused by mold. 

I spent $97,000 in the first year and more since. In hindsight, I could have recovered at a tiny fraction if I only knew then what I know now. This is why I’m committed to being your guide - to empower you to feel better in your own life with the least amount of effort and expense. As Dave Asprey says, "Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

My symptoms started with sleeplessness, fatigue, brain fog, and depression. These are canaries in the coal mine… early symptoms too often dismissed as the results of stress.

In its first year, Biohacker Expo drew 1,600 health enthusiasts, 65 Innovative Exhibitors, and 70 Inspiring Speakers. It's my great privilege to gather and guide so many people towards a life that feels good.

Cutting-edge treatments are hiding in plain sight. My aim is to bring you natural and high-tech solutions. You decide what suits you best. Biohacking is all about personalization and the freedom to explore.  

We all have stress. We all struggle to sleep. But we don't have to suffer.

Take Your Seat at the Table NOW!