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Jen Donovan

After Jen Donovan overcame chronic illness, she developed the Six Support Protocols, integrating mental health, ancestral nutrition, and nervous system insights into a practical approach to wellness. Her personal journey to healing informs her work, connecting health with our broader environment. Join her to explore this straightforward, yet innovative path to well-being.
Jen Donovan

Join Jen Donovan at Biohacker Expo Feb 23-25, 2024 and delve into the inspiring journey of a woman who refused to be defeated by chronic illness. Having rebuilt her life from the ground up, Jen has become a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of self-healing.

With extensive training in mental health, systems theory, polyvagal theory, and ancestral nutrition, she has crafted the Six Support Protocols. These pathways illuminate an all encompassing approach to thriving once again, integrating the wisdom of the gut microbiome and nervous system regulation.

Whether you're a wellness professional or simply driven by personal curiosity, Jen's unique perspective on wellness offers an inclusive and innovative look at holistic healing. Traveling the world, uncovering regenerative farms, and exploring natural wonders have shaped her view that the path to well-being is more than a personal quest; it's a connection to our environment.

Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Jen at Biohacker Expo, where her teachings promise to inspire, enlighten, and empower. Embrace a new paradigm in health and well-being with a true pioneer, whose personal journey has become a roadmap for others in search of vitality and transformation.


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