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Anna Lembke

Anna Lembke

Meet Dr. Anna Lembke, renowned Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University and Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic, at Biohacker Expo. She's appearing exclusively on Saturday, Feb 24th, 2024.

With a career highlighted by over a hundred scholarly publications and groundbreaking books on addiction, she provides valuable insights into the science and treatment of addictive behaviors.

In her New York Times bestselling book, "Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence," Dr. Lembke explores our society's relationship with dopamine, pleasure, and pain. Her first book, "Drug Dealer, MD," identified as a key text to understand the opioid crisis, and her contributions to the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" emphasize her commitment to raising public awareness about addiction.

Meeting Dr. Lembke will benefit anyone seeking to enhance their personal health and wellbeing, those in the medical or therapeutic professions aiming to update their knowledge on addiction management, and individuals simply curious about the science of pleasure and pain. Her presence and the value she brings will undoubtedly contribute to making this Biohacker Expo an unforgettable event.

Join Dr. Anna Lembke, MD for a 2.5 hour workshop on Saturday Feb 24th:

Dopamine Fasting: An Early Intervention for Compulsive Overconsumption in the Digital Age This workshop is designed to explain the neurobiological mechanisms involved in processing pleasure and pain in the human brain. 

You must also have admission to Biohacker Expo to participate in the Workshop.


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