Christian Drapeau

Christian Drapeau

Meet Christian Drapeau, a pioneering figure in the realm of stem cell research and regenerative medicine, at Biohacker Expo. Christian has spent over a decade developing botanical and nutraceutical products that enhance health and wellness.

As the CEO of Kalyagen™, Christian has pioneered the development of natural plant-based stem cell enhancers, introducing the market to STEMREGEN®, a product crafted to support Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization (ESCM). Created for physicians interested in exploring the possibilities of ESCM, STEMREGEN® showcases Christian’s commitment to enhancing the body’s inherent regenerative process.

His research journey began in the late 1990s with an in-depth study of the aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which led to fundamental hypotheses that were later confirmed, highlighting the role of bone marrow stem cells in the body’s natural repair mechanism.

Holding a degree in Neurophysiology from the Montreal Neurological Institute, affiliated with McGill University, Christian has held positions as Chief Science Officer at prominent biotechnology firms. His expertise is captured in his book, "Cracking the Stem Cell Code", which outlines the pivotal role of stem cells in the body's repair and tissue regeneration system. The 2021 edition of the book provides extensive data on plant-based stem cell enhancers, documenting cases of significant recovery achieved through natural stem cell enhancer applications.

Join us at Biohacker Expo for a session with Christian Drapeau and delve deep into the exciting world of stem cell research and its potential to revolutionize health and wellness.

You will be able to meet him at Booths 419 & 421 throughout the weekend to see if plant-based stem cell enhancers are right for you.  

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