Zack Varkaris

Zack Varkaris

Zack Varkaris has a diverse range of expertise and interests. Some say he's a Greek philosopher as he delves deep into the intricacies of life and human existence, sharing his profound insights with the world. Zack is also a dedicated environmentalist, constantly seeking innovative ways to protect and preserve our planet. His background in biology and stem cell science has propelled him to the forefront of research in dermal and reproductive organ rejuvenation, utilizing methoxylated glycerols and stem cells.

His innovative spirit is further showcased through his work in producing gasoline and anti-aging creams from algae, using proprietary machines that signify a blend of science and environmental consciousness.

His philosophy extends to the concept of "Freudenspanne", a term he coined to emphasize the effect that emotions have on the biological markers of aging. Zack encourages people to focus on the happiness and joy that life brings, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the quality of life, rather than just its length.

Not just confined to the scientific realm, Zack is a creative force in the literary and entertainment world. He authored "The Vevellis Chronicles: The Crescent and The Cross," captivating readers with this work of historical fiction. Moreover, Zack is a compelling on-screen actor. Zack is not only a thinker but also a doer, with a passion for diving and boxing. These physical pursuits complement his intellectual endeavors, showcasing a person who believes in the harmony of mind and body.

We have joined Zack as a signatory on the Dublin Longevity Declaration to Expand Research on Extending Healthy Human Lifespans.

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