Rudolph Eberwein, MD

Rudolph Eberwein, MD
Dr. Rudolph Eberwein, fondly known as Dr. Rudy, spent over a decade in the ICU units at Baptist Hospital, witnessing and treating a myriad of diseases. This extensive experience in allopathic disease management ignited a desire within him to pivot towards disease prevention. In a bold step, he and his wife Keisha, also an M.D., founded A New You Weight Loss and Rejuvenation Center in 2005. Their mission: to help people prevent chronic, debilitating diseases through functional nutrition & behavioral modification.

During that time Dr. Rudy experienced his own date with destiny and the effects of aging. Personally experiencing the life changing results of bio-hacking and the principles of health optimization, he partnered with the Bertonatti brothers, and together founded Medical Health Institute. 

Being patients themselves, they dedicate their practice to the meticulous craft of monitoring and optimizing patients through hormone optimization, peptide therapy, targeted supplementation, and teaching people how to reduce EDC/EMF exposures. Dr. Rudy is the embodiment of genuine empathy and humility which stands out in all his interactions.

Dr. Rudy is an avid runner and enthusiast of various hobbies like exercising, weight training, racquetball, and reading
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