Erik Lieux

Erik Lieux

Embark on a journey with Erik Lieux, the visionary behind Shamanic Tonic in Fort Lauderdale, as he shares the profound inspiration that fueled his venture into the world of plant-powered artisan elixirs and powders. Erik's story traces back to his joyous childhood, where his passion for concocting special blends in his parent's kitchen laid the foundation for what would become Shamanic Tonic.

From childhood delights to present-day formulations, Erik's commitment to wellness is unwavering. In his certified clean kitchen, he combines the world's most nutritionally dense superfoods and energizing herbs, challenging conventional notions of what healthy tastes like. Shamanic Tonic is more than a beverage; it's a manifestation of years of intention and wisdom, with each artisan formula crafted with deep care and purpose.

Erik's evolution from childhood creativity to certified clean formulations reflects the growth and sophistication of Shamanic Tonic. The ingredients are meticulously selected, starting with fresh clean spring water and building up with organic, non-GMO, vegan tonics. Whether it's digestive support, gourmet raw chocolate drinks, energizing coffee or matcha blends, or detox formulas, Shamanic Tonic offers a diverse range of options to nourish and invigorate.

Challenges have been woven into Erik's journey, each one signaling growth and a departure from the comfort zone. Educating people about the content of the beverages, especially the benefits of adaptogenic herbs, has been a key focus. Erik is committed to transparency, ensuring that customers understand the holistic benefits of Shamanic Tonic beyond taste.

What sets Shamanic Tonic apart is not just the quality of its products but also the heart behind the brand. Erik emphasizes the importance of having a genuine intention to help people, setting Shamanic Tonic apart from businesses primarily driven by profit.

Shamanic Tonic extends beyond beverages to facilitate unique experiences like Raw Chocolate Ceremonies. These ceremonies, featuring a specialty blend of raw chocolate, embody the holistic approach of Shamanic Tonic. Paired with ecstatic dance practices, these ceremonies invite individuals into a deeper exploration of well-being, energy, and movement.

Erik's fondest moments in his career are marked by the positive impact Shamanic Tonic has on individuals. Knowing that people achieve their wellness goals, experience improvements in ailments, and sustainably enhance their energy fuels Erik's motivation to continue making a difference.

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