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Dan Metcalfe

Dan Metcalfe

Dan Metcalfe is an Athlete, Performer, and Hollywood Actor & Director known for the documentary "The Ultimate Goal." Dan's journey of health innovation began with a personal injury that ignited a passion for supporting the intricate connection between the mind and body. His visionary insight became a cornerstone in developing training methods that revitalize the body's natural balance and strength in support of the aging, neurodiverse, and anyone seeking a mental edge.

In collaboration with Bob Eubanks, a friendship blossomed into a partnership that led to the creation of the 60uP Balance Board, a revolutionary tool to combat the mobility issues that often accompany aging. The program rekindles the vital mind-muscle connection, fostering renewed confidence and stability in users. Witness firsthand how the 60uP program is changing lives by restoring natural, effortless movement, and offering individuals a renewed sense of vitality and freedom.

Stop by the 60uP Booths - 534 & 536 - to experience the 60uP Balance Board for yourself. Dan will guide you on a journey back to seamless, natural movements, where balance isn't a conscious effort but an inherent trait rekindled.


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