Gary Brecka

"I spent 20 years working in life insurance predicting when people were going to die to the nearest month. I am now on a mission to extend people’s lives by identifying missing raw materials in their bodies and telling them how to put them back in." - Gary Brecka
Gary Brecka

In the realm of biohacking, Gary Brecka, host of The Ultimate Human Podcast, stands out as a thought leader. With over two decades in biohacking and functional medicine, he enables individuals to surpass their constraints and elevate their goals. 

As the Chief Human Biologist at 10X Health, Gary extends beyond merely directing the company's Global Wellness mission. He fosters a culture of potential-fulfillment and individual empowerment with scientific and tailored peak performance "superhuman" protocols. His mastery over serum blood and genetic biomarkers marks him as a notable figure in global wellness.

Gary's career pivots on the pursuit of ideal human life. Starting as a mortality-modeling expert in the insurance industry, his fascination with blood chemistry and longevity biomarkers propelled him towards enhancing and prolonging life through biomarker optimization. This quest remains his driving force.

Gary has collaborated with a broad spectrum of people, including CEOs, professional athletes, and celebrities. His approach, backed by cutting-edge science and comprehensive analysis, emphasizes individual needs and performance enhancement.

As a Health Services Director on the Board of NFL Alumni Association, Gary’s influence is significant. He's more than an industry luminary; he shares knowledge and builds community, and he will bring his insights and transformative tools directly to you at Biohacker Expo.

Join us in welcoming Gary Brecka, the 'Celebrity Bio-Hacker,' to Miami this February. Get ready for inspiration and transformation as he shares his techniques, assisting you in unlocking your inherent potential. It's time to seize control of your health and immerse in the power of biohacking under Gary Brecka's guidance!

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