Gregory Alfred, MD

Gregory Alfred, MD

Raised in the US Virgin Islands, Dr. Gregory Alfred's love for the ocean and scuba diving sparked his interest in the therapeutic potential of hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Alfred honed his expertise during his emergency medicine training at USC, where he also earned his certification in hyperbaric medicine.

Dr. Alfred's experience is as deep as the waters he loves to explore. Since 2008, he has been a key player in one of South Florida's busiest in-patient hyperbaric departments at Mercy Hospital. There, he witnessed the remarkable, transformative effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) on neurological recovery, fueling his drive to broaden access to this life-enhancing treatment.

As the medical director for Hyperbaric Medical Solutions in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Alfred is at the forefront of expanding hyperbaric medicine into the outpatient sphere, making these services more accessible to those in need.

At Biohacker Expo, Dr. Alfred will share his insights on the cutting-edge applications of HBOT, from enhancing brain function to accelerating recovery. His leadership in integrating hyperbaric therapy with holistic patient care exemplifies the innovative spirit of our event. 

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