Jonathan Mendoza, DC, RN, FNP-C aka "Nurse Doza"

Jonathan Mendoza, DC, RN, FNP-C aka

Jonathan Mendoza, DC, affectionately known as "Nurse Doza," is an advocate for functional medicine with a special focus on liver function, metabolic health, inflammation, hormone balance, energy, and more.

Nurse Doza's clinic in Austin, Texas, innovates health services, offering tailored lab work, nutrient-rich IVs, and supplements. His expertise extends to weight management through gut health, fertility enhancement, brain health optimization, and thyroid support.

As the co-founder of Mendoza Sports & Wellness (MSW) Nutrition, Nurse Doza has crafted a supplement line to help people with some of the most common health issues.

Throughout his career, Nurse Doza has been committed to helping people achieve optimal health through education and personalized care. Find out more about his approach to optimizing health and wellness at Biohacker Expo at his talk and directly one-on-one at his booth.

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