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Michelle Weiner

Michelle Weiner

Dr. Michelle Weiner, DO MPH is a recognized authority on the applications of cannabis and psychedelics as alternatives to traditional pain management solutions. Dr. Weiner spearheads research at the University of Miami exploring the efficacy of both psychedelic and psycholytic doses of ketamine in addressing chronic pain and depression. She further extends her influence as Vice President of Mr. Psychedelic Law, advocating for legal reform of psilocybin in Florida. Additionally, she serves as a clinical advisor for Iter Investments, a psychedelic fund.

Dr. Weiner  serves as the Director of Integrative Pain Management at Spine and Wellness Centers of America and as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. A double board-certified physician, she completed her training at the University of Miami.

Join Dr. Weiner at Biohacker Expo to gain insights into the revolutionary developments in integrative pain management.


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