Mike Van Thielen, PhD

Mike Van Thielen, PhD
Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PhD is a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, bestselling author, biohacking expert, mentor, entrepreneur and World Record holder (swimming). 
He was presented with the CREA GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 honoree in recognition of his creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and for his contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

At Biohacker Expo, he will deliver the opening Keynote on Friday Feb 23rd:

Unleashing Your Superpower
Friday Feb 23, 2:15pm
Main Stage

Every one of us has a superpower that can make a difference in the world. Most professionals and entrepreneurs have tapped into their superpower but don’t know how to unleash it and get to the next level, finding that true fulfillment in life. This interactive and inspiring keynote will make attendees realize they have what it takes to unleash their superpower. Dr. Mike will challenge the audience to implement his proven and simple 5-step action plan. The world needs our superpowers, and we can live to be a superhero for the rest of our life, starting today!

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