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Sienna Steckel, MD

Sienna Steckel, MD

Dr. Sienna Steckel, a seasoned board-certified Emergency Medicine physician with 14 years of diverse clinical experience, has been a guiding force in various settings, from inner-city emergency rooms to rural counties and trauma centers. A graduate of UC San Francisco, she further honed her skills through residency at Emory in emergency medicine. Dr. Steckel's extensive journey has equipped her with a unique perspective, allowing her to navigate the complexities of healthcare in different environments.

Driven by a profound mission, Dr. Steckel is committed to meeting people where they are and guiding them to where they want to be. Her approach revolves around the idea that each person is on an individual journey toward optimization, utilizing the principles of precision medicine. By delving into genetics and epigenetics, she empowers her clients and patients to understand and leverage their unique biological makeup for optimal health and performance.


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