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Toby Pasman

Toby Pasman

Toby Pasman, founder of Neuroflex, is a Neurophysiology Trainer with a background in psychology and brain science. Driven by a personal curiosity to overcome social anxiety, Toby embarked on a journey to understand and enhance his own brain's capabilities. Through experiments with neurotechnology, including neurofeedback and neurostimulation, he noticed significant improvements in his verbal fluency and comfort in social situations. This personal success fueled his passion to help others, leading him to a peak performance facility near Seattle. There, he worked with a diverse group of people, including CEOs, athletes, and actors, helping them optimize their brain performance using advanced technologies like QEEG Brain Mapping.

While getting his Masters in Psychology, Toby was deeply involved in the Emotions and Neuroplasticity Project at the Brain Development Lab, exploring the intricate connections between emotions and key brain networks. At Neuroflex, he helps people overcome substance abuse, improve mental health, and achieve peak performance. As a Certified Human Potential Coach, he employs a range of techniques including mindfulness, neuromodulation, and action planning to assist clients in realizing their most ambitious dreams.



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